Video Production Business Tips – Get Rid Of Video Production Equipment Clutter to Make Money

When I get hold of video production equipment, I don’t have any intentions of taking it away. I want to keep things as long as I can. I still believe that there are a lot of video production owners who have the same attitude when it comes to buying gear.

The downside is I only get to use 10% of everything I have while the remaining 90% stay in the stock room and lose their value every day. I have so much stuff that I barely use all of them. I only get the gear that I frequently use on projects. The other ones only accumulate dust while they are stashed away.

While figuring out how to eliminate expenses on my studio, I saw that my wife kept on selling her old clothing, precious jewelry and other items on eBay. That was my realization point. I knew that I had to sell video equipment that I don’t normally use.

Why must I sell these gears?

Video production equipment assets depreciate over time. If I decided to sell my computer last year rather than this year, I would have been able to sell it at $300 to $500 higher. I have cameras, software, video and audio cables, speakers and a lot more that can sustain three to four studios. That’s how much excess equipment I have.

If you are trying to think of ideas to make money while there are no video production projects to do, take a look at your studio, find things that you want to keep and consider selling the rest. Furniture and fixtures, old cameras and other video stuffs that have been lying in your studio for a couple of years have to be sold. If you think that they will not be useful to you anymore, consider taking them out.

I will make $30000 more if I sell all of these things. However, I don’t think I have the time to put these in order and post them on eBay or Craigslist. This may be the right time to find an intern to do the task.

Although there’s a benefit in this strategy, be cautious not to sell something that is being used as collateral on your current bank loan. If you don’t know, take the advice of your accountant. Ask for your options. Depreciated assets listed in your records also have different tax computations. Make sure that you talk to your accountant about this too to avoid any discrepancies with your video production equipment listings.