Video Production Business Tips – Attract More Clients Through Public Speaking

One of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise while attracting video production customers is to develop a presentation that educates your target market and search for opportunities to speak at local, regional and national meetings or conferences.

Here are a few strategies I’ve picked up over the years that you can use to develop presentations that get results.

1. Decide EXACTLY who you want to do business with and make sure you start developing your presentation with that customer in mind.

Do you want to speak to high-end brides, corporate marketers or parents of college-bound student athletes or safety managers for manufacturing facilities. A generic presentation isn’t going to be of interest to any of these people so you have to speak to the exact things they are interested in most if you want to get results.

2. Create an outline that lists the exact points you want to teach during the presentation.

This is an important step because the rest of your presentation will be built by using the outline as the blueprint. Spend a lot of time with this phase to make sure you will have great content to present to your audience. I’ve found that the best way to create the outline is to first figure out the main topic I want to teach on, followed by about 3 sub-topics for each main topic. Then, I’ll try to come up with a clever spin on the topic/sub-topic titles just to keep it interesting (or maybe just so I can prove that I’m clever!).

3. Plan on showcasing some of your best work during the presentation.

Don’t waste a lot of time showing videos but I’d plan to carve out at least 5 minutes if you are presenting for 30 minutes. If your presentation will be an hour, plan for 10 minutes of videos. Make sure you only show your BEST work! This isn’t the time to show off a sub-par project just because it fits with your presentation topic. If it’s not amazing, don’t show it! Period.

4. Use a program like Apple Keynote or PowerPoint to develop your slides.

People are used to seeing a slide deck during a presentation so use one of these programs to make it look as professional as possible. I personally prefer Apple Keynote over PowerPoint because some of the templates that come with the app are pretty sweet and the animation options (I believe) are more creative overall.

Make sure you brand your slides with your logo and web address wherever possible the audience will absolutely know who’s giving the presentation and how to contact you.

5. If cost-effective, print the slide deck out for the audience members so they can take notes during the presentation.

I’ve had better results when the audience has been more engaged with my presentation. One way for them to do that is to give them printed versions of your slide deck so they can follow along and take notes. If they write down notes during the presentation, they’ll usually be sure to have them when they leave which means your brand and information will be easily accessible to them down the road when they are ready to hire you!

6. Have a professional record your presentation.

I’m preaching to the choir here but seriously, make sure you don’t ever present in a public forum unless you can record it at the same time. It’s a huge credibility booster when you can send a link to a prospective client that shows you are clearly an expert in your field. Your competitors won’t have that so you’ll be the rock star in their eyes!

The recorded presentation can also be used as a way to collect email addresses from interested prospects by offering it on your website.

7. Market your presentation to professional associations who cater to your target customer.

Once your presentation is ready for prime time, start reaching out to professional associations that serve your target market and offer to speak on your topic. Most organizations (especially local) are desperate for speakers so it shouldn’t be hard to get a slot as long as you can demonstrate your expertise with a copy of your outline, slide deck and links to your website, work samples and client testimonials.

8. Offer to send the edited video of your presentation to audience members.

This can be a great way to collect contact information from several of the people in the audience. Pass around a clipboard with a sheet on it and ask them to fill out their name and email address. Then, after the video is edited, send them a link so they can share it with others. I highly recommend that you post the link to YouTube, Facebook or some other viral video sharing site so they’ll be able to easily share it with friends, colleagues, etc.