Video Production Business Tips – A Great Way to Enhance Relationships With Customers and Prospects

 I’m not usually an advocate of giving away free video production services to non-profit organizations unless there is a direct marketing benefit for your video business. If you are wondering whether to say yes or no when a non-profit requests your services on a pro bono basis, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are any of my better video customers involved in this non-profit organization either as a sponsor or as a member on their board of directors?

If so, this can be a great way to make your relationship even stronger with that customer particularly if that video customer spends a lot of money with you each year. It’s an up close and personal way for them to see that you share the same values as they do when it comes to giving back to the community.

This will give you an edge over the competition but be careful not to commit to more than one or two “freebies” each year. You want to make sure you have plenty of capacity to produce all your “for profit” video projects in a timely manner and you don’t want the free jobs to get in the way.

2. Are any of my “gotta have” prospects involved with the non-profit?

If so, the same advice in #1 above applies. If you are able to work shoulder to shoulder with decision makers at your top prospect companies, it will be extremely easy to get your foot in the door.

3. Can I get some type of marketing or advertising exposure in return for doing this video project work for free?

If you are doing the work for free, it’s perfectly acceptable to expect something in return from the non-profit organization. In many cases, you can put a link to your website on their website, you can get the non-profit to send an email out to everyone on their list telling about the new video along with information about your company, or you can get them to announce your name and company at their fundraisers.

In order to get the most out of your efforts, see to it that you get some type of exposure for your video business. Also, keep in mind that there are usually a lot of heavy hitters who attend these non-profit fundraisers so see if you can negotiate a couple free tickets or perhaps an entire table so you can invite customers and prospects to attend with you.

I attended a pro bono PSA shoot before. I decided to participate because my largest client asked if I’d be interested in supporting them in their efforts to make the non-profit successful in our community.

For starters, the non-profit is doing wonderful things for children here so, as a father of four, I don’t mind pitching in. Secondly, this particular client spends over a hundred thousand dollars a year with my video production company so spending a couple days on a PSA is a great way to make our working relationship even stronger.

No matter how you look at it, my investment on this free video project will be returned ten folds or maybe even more over the lifetime value of this client. In fact, as we were packing up the truck, my client started talking to me about another major corporate project that is coming up next month that they want me to produce.

It’s funny how it all works sometimes.