Video Production – Businesses That Don’t Need Video

Video production is on the rise because it has the power to influence and create awareness about your business. Times have changed since people only had to the option of asking others where to go. Since the introduction of the internet people can search whatever they want by simply asking Google. For instance, it was only a few decades ago when somebody visiting Toronto could be referred by a friend about the wonderful California Sandwich made by Auntie Hanna with that specific local taste, which makes it unique and special. That small place received many visitors because of the famous sandwich. It was easy then because by that time everybody knew where Auntie Hanna lived.

Today things are quite different. These original streets are surrounded by many new ones with new names, and the mix of different nationalities makes the landscape so diverse, and then to find that very special sandwich without a reference is really hard and sometimes impossible.

Maybe, there are people who are looking for this specific dish, but nobody knows where to find it, because it is not included in one of the most common applications used in smart phones or perhaps it is only mentioned as one photograph among a lot of similar sandwiches photographs listed in an anonymous site in a Canadian tourist guide.

What do Auntie Hannah grandsons require to recover the old glory of the original California Sandwich recipe with Canadian taste? Better quality? Better price? Or simply, to be known through a good video production for advertising, recommended in all the applications in every smartphone that visits the city.

The whole world knows that the Internet is here, and smart phone’s and portable devices sharing terabytes of information about any imaginable topic are here to stay.

Small businesses survival is not a “David vs. Goliath” battle against big companies

Many traditional and small businesses in Canada are facing the information era as a David against Goliath battle because they ignore the huge world of possibilities that these new items offer to all the family businesses, artisanal hand crafted articles and small companies. Most of their owners believe that they are not able to compete against the big volume of money invested in publicity by great companies, television advertising time is expensive, and so they consider that a good opinion of a neighbour and the great quality of the product or service offered is enough to survive.

In the 21st century quality of your product means nothing if only you know it. Marketing today is a question of visibility and the survival of companies, either big brands or small familiar coffee shops, depends on how many people will know your products and buy them in a near future. A small photograph in a local newspaper will keep your product hidden from the rest of the world.

Every good product or service deserves a professional video production

Many familiar enterprises try to supply this necessity using ugly homemade videos; of a very poor quality that fail to create curiosity in new customers, producing instead a rejection effect; making the potential clients believe that your offer is as bad as the video.

Video Producers have been recognised all around the world, because of the excellent qualities of their performances, many international awards are the fruits of this outstanding labour.

Considering to hire a professional video production company to induce the visibility of your products, is a wise decision that will bring your product or service to a wider public, taking advantage of the new technologies and popularity of the applications in mobile devices.

A professional video of just a couple of minutes, inserted in the right websites, available for any user, will soon increase your sales, and help your small, familiar, or individual enterprise, to survive and keep a share of the market, without changing your traditional methods, recipes or uses.

Video production companies are waiting for small and large enterprises with good creative briefs and have the foresight to invest in a very good video to stay relevant.

Good Quality Video Advertising Is the Answer

No matter what your business is, the world needs to know it, and a very well designed video production, made by professionals will help you. Let a professional make the best video for you and you will be rewarded for this.

You don’t have to put your future in the hands of a friend with a hobby camera; this can be done for a birthday party, but not for something that can be the difference between keeping your company open or going out of business. Think twice, how you are spending money in advertising; are you investing resources in the future of your traditions and products.

Video Production Business Tips – A Great Way to Enhance Relationships With Customers and Prospects

 I’m not usually an advocate of giving away free video production services to non-profit organizations unless there is a direct marketing benefit for your video business. If you are wondering whether to say yes or no when a non-profit requests your services on a pro bono basis, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are any of my better video customers involved in this non-profit organization either as a sponsor or as a member on their board of directors?

If so, this can be a great way to make your relationship even stronger with that customer particularly if that video customer spends a lot of money with you each year. It’s an up close and personal way for them to see that you share the same values as they do when it comes to giving back to the community.

This will give you an edge over the competition but be careful not to commit to more than one or two “freebies” each year. You want to make sure you have plenty of capacity to produce all your “for profit” video projects in a timely manner and you don’t want the free jobs to get in the way.

2. Are any of my “gotta have” prospects involved with the non-profit?

If so, the same advice in #1 above applies. If you are able to work shoulder to shoulder with decision makers at your top prospect companies, it will be extremely easy to get your foot in the door.

3. Can I get some type of marketing or advertising exposure in return for doing this video project work for free?

If you are doing the work for free, it’s perfectly acceptable to expect something in return from the non-profit organization. In many cases, you can put a link to your website on their website, you can get the non-profit to send an email out to everyone on their list telling about the new video along with information about your company, or you can get them to announce your name and company at their fundraisers.

In order to get the most out of your efforts, see to it that you get some type of exposure for your video business. Also, keep in mind that there are usually a lot of heavy hitters who attend these non-profit fundraisers so see if you can negotiate a couple free tickets or perhaps an entire table so you can invite customers and prospects to attend with you.

I attended a pro bono PSA shoot before. I decided to participate because my largest client asked if I’d be interested in supporting them in their efforts to make the non-profit successful in our community.

For starters, the non-profit is doing wonderful things for children here so, as a father of four, I don’t mind pitching in. Secondly, this particular client spends over a hundred thousand dollars a year with my video production company so spending a couple days on a PSA is a great way to make our working relationship even stronger.

No matter how you look at it, my investment on this free video project will be returned ten folds or maybe even more over the lifetime value of this client. In fact, as we were packing up the truck, my client started talking to me about another major corporate project that is coming up next month that they want me to produce.

It’s funny how it all works sometimes.

Inherent Real Cost Subsidy of Landfills in Consumer Products – Business Recycling Discussion

When it comes to businesses recycling it is my belief that they should do it for two reasons; one, because it makes sense financially to waste less and thus, it’s more efficient to recycle, and; two, because it’s the right thing to do. Personally, it is my view that if we want more businesses to recycle we need to show them how they can profit by doing so. Show them the dollars and sense to it, and they are sure to partake.

Others believe that we need to penalize companies that don’t recycle and thus, build in the incentive to recycle, and not long ago, I was debating this with an acquaintance who believed in the penalty based motivation to the virtues of business recycling. Now then, who is right about all this? Well, one could argue that I am on the wrong side of this debate, but as a business owner, I do not agree to excessive penalties.

In fact, I already pay an extra fee for recycling, and the trash pick-up costs me more, plus, I pay a CRV on products I often buy. Okay so, one could argue and many have from the Technocrat Crowd on down to socialist leaning professors who teach engineering that penalties or increased fees are the only way to get all businesses to recycle. Most PhD professors of engineering and energy lean towards lean-manufacturing, thus it is an obvious insight for them – there is real cost inherent in all products produced due to the end-of-life-cycle, that is to say; the cost of the landfill, or the cost to recycle or a combination thereof.

EU countries have a one-time cost when you buy your automobile, it’s about $300-500 now (it’s been rising) that you pay upfront with your car to handle the cost when you sell your car. Then refuse and recycling companies can collect that $300 to 500 for dismantling and recycling the pieces. Car makers can lower that add-on cost by making their cars out of materials that are easily recycled, thus, they have an advantage in the market place. I am not one to ever go and straight away copy anything that Europe does, but it might be a component of a plan we might consider here.

The only problem with this EOL (end of life) program is that more and more costs get tacked on, with so many rules and regulations that it turns into a giant bureaucratic mess, administratively speaking that is. And like the EU cap and trade program, it’s fraught with manipulation between regulators, politicians, and crony capitalism there.

In a way you can see that CA has done something similar with the CRV but then we see it isn’t really intrinsically fair to consumers because everyone is recycling their plastic bottles now in their recycle bin, and some cities (like San Francisco) will fine you if you don’t recycle them, and yet, you’ve paid $.08 per plastic bottle in advance, so you pay twice, and someone has the contract to make all that money when it really belongs back to the consumer.

So, it becomes an add-on tax, now CA wants to charge more money when people buy Soft Drinks and then use that money to educate kids on nutrition in the classroom so they don’t buy the Soda Pop or drink it in moderation, this will also subsidize the California Schools about $300 per student, but just as the government regulators taxed tobacco for awareness programs in the 90s they were sued by the companies because the government absconded with the funds rather than actually spending that add-on tax cigarette tax money on the programs it was to be allotted for.

There are so many “well-intentioned” programs created, but the law of unintended consequences is so common and packed with case studies, I cringe on government intervention, and really this is much about personal responsibility right? I mean that should be the aim. This is why it ought to be run by the private sector, and awareness needs to come from within.

Perhaps you are an environmental, Earth-Day, or Buddhist type thinker, well then you understand that everything goes back eventually, everything gets recycled, it is just that some things take longer to decompose and therein is the short-term (human time-scale) challenge. Radioactive material decays and is recycled, same with glass, strong polymer chains of plastic, and other things, only they just take longer to get back to nature you see.

Perhaps for all these reasons, I distance myself from environmental groups, and find far too many running around with unviable solutions making things worse or even impossible, thus hurting more people, raising costs, and destroying our Nation’s standard of living and quality of life. Solutions MUST be sound, make sense, and without unintended consequences down the road, or they aren’t solutions at all. So, please consider all this.

A Product & Business Opportunity No One Should Be Without

The Lost Society

The Perception

All throughout North America and Canada there seems to be a growing need for legal assistance for everyday life situations. However, most people fail to seek out legal counsel for one reason or another. Maybe they feel as if they could not afford the lawyer’s fees, or they may feel that if they ignore the problem it will simply work itself out, or they may even think that their situation is not serious enough to warrant a lawyer’s assistance.

After reading several message boards where members where asking questions seeking free advice for very serious situations all they got was advice without getting solutions. It is now more apparent that the need for legal counsel is even larger than previously perceived.

The Research

During my reading, I learned of a serious situation where one of the members (a couple) is in great need of a lawyer’s assistance but the member seems reluctant to seek legal counsel because they are on fixed incomes and collectively brings in less than $1,700 per month. From this single situation, you can gather that there are a lot more people who are in dire need of legal counsel but sit by idle day after day doing nothing about their situation for one or more of the reasons stated above.

The Horror

It is horrifying to learn that hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people are living day to day without legal representation. The need for legal counsel is just as important as having insurance and medical coverage. For your legal peace of mind, you should have quick access to grade-A legal counsel in your back pocket or purse. In North America and Canada, access to legal counsel is highly necessary in our litigious society.

The largest sectors of the North American population locked out from quality legal counsel consists of the low-income earners, the very poor, and the homeless. However, in 1972, an astute businessperson and entrepreneur, Harland Stonecipher, saw the overwhelming need for quality legal access for the masses and not just for those who can afford high quality legal services. The scales of Justice were very unbalanced then.

However, today Harland’s passion for creating the products and services that provides legal access to the masses is now a huge reality. As an added bonus to the products and services, Harland has also made it possible for anyone to build their own business and increase their income by showing others haw to empower their life and the lives of their family and friends. Mr. Stonecipher’s vision and passion has made “Equal Justice” available for all.