Video Production Business Tips – Attract More Clients Through Public Speaking

One of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise while attracting video production customers is to develop a presentation that educates your target market and search for opportunities to speak at local, regional and national meetings or conferences.

Here are a few strategies I’ve picked up over the years that you can use to develop presentations that get results.

1. Decide EXACTLY who you want to do business with and make sure you start developing your presentation with that customer in mind.

Do you want to speak to high-end brides, corporate marketers or parents of college-bound student athletes or safety managers for manufacturing facilities. A generic presentation isn’t going to be of interest to any of these people so you have to speak to the exact things they are interested in most if you want to get results.

2. Create an outline that lists the exact points you want to teach during the presentation.

This is an important step because the rest of your presentation will be built by using the outline as the blueprint. Spend a lot of time with this phase to make sure you will have great content to present to your audience. I’ve found that the best way to create the outline is to first figure out the main topic I want to teach on, followed by about 3 sub-topics for each main topic. Then, I’ll try to come up with a clever spin on the topic/sub-topic titles just to keep it interesting (or maybe just so I can prove that I’m clever!).

3. Plan on showcasing some of your best work during the presentation.

Don’t waste a lot of time showing videos but I’d plan to carve out at least 5 minutes if you are presenting for 30 minutes. If your presentation will be an hour, plan for 10 minutes of videos. Make sure you only show your BEST work! This isn’t the time to show off a sub-par project just because it fits with your presentation topic. If it’s not amazing, don’t show it! Period.

4. Use a program like Apple Keynote or PowerPoint to develop your slides.

People are used to seeing a slide deck during a presentation so use one of these programs to make it look as professional as possible. I personally prefer Apple Keynote over PowerPoint because some of the templates that come with the app are pretty sweet and the animation options (I believe) are more creative overall.

Make sure you brand your slides with your logo and web address wherever possible the audience will absolutely know who’s giving the presentation and how to contact you.

5. If cost-effective, print the slide deck out for the audience members so they can take notes during the presentation.

I’ve had better results when the audience has been more engaged with my presentation. One way for them to do that is to give them printed versions of your slide deck so they can follow along and take notes. If they write down notes during the presentation, they’ll usually be sure to have them when they leave which means your brand and information will be easily accessible to them down the road when they are ready to hire you!

6. Have a professional record your presentation.

I’m preaching to the choir here but seriously, make sure you don’t ever present in a public forum unless you can record it at the same time. It’s a huge credibility booster when you can send a link to a prospective client that shows you are clearly an expert in your field. Your competitors won’t have that so you’ll be the rock star in their eyes!

The recorded presentation can also be used as a way to collect email addresses from interested prospects by offering it on your website.

7. Market your presentation to professional associations who cater to your target customer.

Once your presentation is ready for prime time, start reaching out to professional associations that serve your target market and offer to speak on your topic. Most organizations (especially local) are desperate for speakers so it shouldn’t be hard to get a slot as long as you can demonstrate your expertise with a copy of your outline, slide deck and links to your website, work samples and client testimonials.

8. Offer to send the edited video of your presentation to audience members.

This can be a great way to collect contact information from several of the people in the audience. Pass around a clipboard with a sheet on it and ask them to fill out their name and email address. Then, after the video is edited, send them a link so they can share it with others. I highly recommend that you post the link to YouTube, Facebook or some other viral video sharing site so they’ll be able to easily share it with friends, colleagues, etc.

Making Money Online With A Work From Home Watkins Products Business

When I was growing up in rural Louisiana in there were 5 things I could always count on every month: rain, humidity, mosquitoes, MaMa’s southern fried chicken and a visit by “the Watkins man.” The Watkins man always arrived with a friendly smile, a new Boudreaux joke for my grandfather and a small suitcase filled with samples of Watkins products and a money back guarantee for every product.

My grandfather didn’t drive and rarely rode into town (10 miles away) with my mom and dad to buy anything. When he did, it was usually to buy feed, seed, fishing or hunting equipment. But if every needed something the Watkins man sold he would always hold off and wait to placing his order on our Watkins Associate’s next visit.

My favorite Watkins products growing up represented the building blocks of Watkins, the original products the company was founded upon back in 1868. I’m speaking of red liniment, Petro-Carbo Salve, Watkins Cinnamon and their world famous, double-extract vanilla. My grandfather swore by his Petro-Carbo Salve and never failed to put it on every cut, scrape, bite, burn or splinter wound I endured growing up. He claimed the miracle salve would cure the dead, and given all the ailments I saw it cure in my own family I never doubted him.

Despite my fond affection for Watkins products, I never dreamed of one day becoming a Watkins Associate myself. But after 11 years of building successful Internet marketing enterprises that required me inventing and creating new products of my own, something that was always very time consuming, the thought occurred to me one day that I needed great products that I don’t have to build or create myself. I had a theory that my online marketing methods and techniques were solid enough that I could successfully sell products that are traditionally thought of as “direct sales products” to consumers online, from the comfort of my home. All I needed was the right company with the right products, and that is where Watkins Incorporated came into the picture.

Watkins has 350 different products, all what I call “personal home products.” From cleaning products, gourmet spices, food flavorings and extracts, to first aid, healthcare and beauty products, the company offers something that every consumer can use in the home daily. Founded 140 years ago and the originator of the first-ever moneyback guarantee, Watkins has an impeccable reputation and is known to treat its associates like kings.

Despite all these great qualities and Watkins products throughout my household, the answer to “where I was going to find products to sell online did not come to me quickly. As my grandfather would have said, “If it were a snake it would have bit you.” Truly, I could not see the forest for the trees. Instead, I researched the Internet for several months trying to find the right company with the right products. It was only after a trip to the medicine cabinet one day to get some red liniment to treat a strained back that the thought occurred to me, “now this is a product I believe in and would have no problem in selling.”

Curiosity got the best of me and it wasn’t 2 minutes later I was searching the Watkins website to see just how many products they had and what they were up to online. During that search process I looked for successful Watkins associates and discovered the Summit Group, an elite group of Watkins associates that offer tremendous training and educational resources for any associates in their group (or downline). It was then and there that I not only wanted to join Watkins as a new associate, but I also wanted to join as a member of the Summit Group so that I could offer the same training and education to associates I recruit.

Since joining Watkins I have tested my online marketing and sales techniques and confirmed that (1) yes, one can operate a direct sales company online, (2) it is not necessary to sell door-to-door to be successful and (3) you can also recruit new members solely through downline methods. I am proving daily that one can sell products online exclusively and build sales organizations exclusively through online marketing methods.

From my own learning experience, there are seven steps I feel everyone should take when considering building a direct sales business online:

  • Always choose a company to represent that has a solid reputation and has been in business for a long time.
  • Always choose a company that has a broad product line. Too many direct marketing companies try to exist on just one product, or one small line of products, and end up going bankrupt when their product is no longer a fad or the latest craze.
  • Always choose a company that will stand behind their products with a solid moneyback guarantee.
  • Never try to sell a product that you haven’t tried or don’t use yourself. It’s always easier to sell products you believe in.
  • Never sign up with a company that provides little or no training
  • Always make sure your sponsor will be willing to “teach you the ropes” and guide you along the way if you choose to sign up with his company.
  • Success breeds success. If someone representing a direct sales company already has a method and system that works, this is the person you want to sign up under, the person you want sponsoring you. Don’t make the mistake people do too often and sign up under a friend or relative that just joined the company.

Personally, I couldn’t be happier with Watkins or the Summit Group. Combining my own knowledge of Internet marketing with the Summit Group’s proven training system has proven to me that one can build a highly successful and financially rewarding direct sales business online. Although I still have a nostalgic feeling regarding my childhood days in rural Louisiana and our monthly visits by the Watkins man, I’m having the fun of my life entering people’s homes and selling them Watkins products through an electronic doorway, rather than home’s doorway.

Watkins makes the process very easy, providing me a website, complete with shopping cart, to direct all my web traffic to. Now how’s that for progress and demonstration that a 140-year old company was able to stay in touch with the times and is always willing to hear new ideas from associates like me on how to improve the online buying experience for today’s tech-savvy consumer.

Promote Your Video Production Business For Free

It’s a fact, Jack. (Or Jill.) You need customers; customers need your production and duplication and packaging services. It’s definitely a win-win situation. But -if your potential buyers aren’t aware that you exist, or they can’t find you…you’re certainly not going to have a roaring success on your hands. People won’t benefit from your services, and you’re not going to be collecting any money from them. No doubt about it that marketing is an absolutely necessity to keep your name on the tip of their tongues, and at the top of their minds. And don’t worry if you’re on a very limited budget -or even a very very very limited budget. There are still quite a few ways for you to promote yourself and your services. Here’s a few ideas you can use to get started.

1/ Take the time to redo your logo, business cards and anything else that carries your logo. Make certain that your use of of colors and words and images represent the image you want to convey. If you’re a lousy print designer, resist the temptation to do it yourself. There are several low-cost logo design services online that will do a reasonable job for next to nothing. Regardless of the price, you should never skimp on the materials that convey your image; after all, your business card or letterhead is often the first impression a prospect will get from you, and it has to reflect your quality and professionalism. So also resist the urge to go buy microperf business card stock from your office supply outlet and print them yourself on that cheap inkjet printer.

2/ Contact a handful of your previous customers to thank them for their business, and ask them for an honest evaluation of your services. Be honest; tell them you’re in a slump (call it a ‘lull,’ if you wish), let them know they’re a key part of your business-building program. Then, listen to what they have to say. If they have suggestions for improvement, thank them for the input, and act on the input.

A side benefit; I’ve found that if you’re brutally honest with your good clients and tell them you’re dead in the water, occasionally someone will come forward with a paying gig to help tide you over. And why not? If you’re a good supplier, it’s beneficial for their business to help keep YOU in business.

3/ Form alliances and informal partnerships with suppliers, colleagues or (even) your competitors to offer a combo package that neither of you could offer alone, and share the marketing expenses. For instance, get together with a graphic designer to offer some great must-have packages, including website design with streaming video. Who do you know that would make a great team member?

4/ Take a critical look at everything a prospect sees or hears when they do business with you. How do you answer your phone? Does your van or car need washing? Does your shirt need pressing? If you have an office or a client meeting area, is it attractive, tidy and comfortable? Is your desk a mess? It’s all in the details, particularly when you’re meeting a prospective client for the first time

5/ Write up a news release, and use the power of the free press. Announce a new program, a new product or service you offer, your new hours or new policies. As long as it is real and improves the quality and level of your service, this is news that your customers, prospects and the media will want to hear.

There are more great ways to promote your video business for little or no money right here.

10 Ways to Build a Great Product for Your Information Product Business

Ebooks, Videos, Audio Clips. The way information can be packaged and distributed online is now so varied and can come in many forms.

As such, you should continually keep up with the times and learn how to repackage the information you have into informational products that are unique and can deliver quality in the best way possible.

Here are 10 ways in which you can deliver your information and content in a unique manner that will make your followers happy and also build up your credibility and allow you to make more money online as well!

1. Syndicated Column

If you have an article, post your article content on your own website and on others (including articles directories). Also seek out opportunities to write articles for newspapers or for sites as an expert. Allow others to syndicate your site content via RSS feeds.

2. Articles

Take your e-book and shape it into articles. This is as easy as finding 1-2 pages in your e-book that covers a complete idea, editing it lightly (so that it takes on the feel of an article), and then using it as desired.

3. Software

Now that PDFs are easy and cheap to create, they no longer have the vaunted status that they once held. If you want to increase the perceived value of a product now, your best bet is to turn it into a piece of software.

One cheap and easy what to do this is to use HTML and/or FLASH to create an executable file that allows buyers to search through your content.

4. CD/DVD Training

Instead of selling your content in the form of a video or audio program, you can consider breaking it up into parts, posting it on a secure website over the course of months, and charging a fee to access the membership content.

5. Magazine

Use article or newsletter content to create a physical or electronic magazine. Charge companies a fee to post advertisements in your magazine or newsletter.

6. Keynote Speaking

Once you become an established expert in your field, expect to be asked to do speaking events. Take content from your products, summarize it on PowerPoint slides, and present it to the audience.

7. Resell Rights

Allow others to resell your product and earn 100% of the profits. The downside of this is that you’ll lose control of the product, but the upside is that you’ll earn a lot by selling the resell rights.

8. Private Label Rights

Sell your content as a form of private label content, allowing buyers to resell and customize it as their own. This will bring in more money per sale, but will make it so the product is no longer exclusively your own.

9. Licensing

Offer licensing or volume discounts for companies who are interested in purchasing your product for employees.

10. Foreign Rights

Hire a translator to reproduce your product in other languages. Focus on languages that people speak in populous countries with widespread Internet use.