A Product & Business Opportunity No One Should Be Without

The Lost Society

The Perception

All throughout North America and Canada there seems to be a growing need for legal assistance for everyday life situations. However, most people fail to seek out legal counsel for one reason or another. Maybe they feel as if they could not afford the lawyer’s fees, or they may feel that if they ignore the problem it will simply work itself out, or they may even think that their situation is not serious enough to warrant a lawyer’s assistance.

After reading several message boards where members where asking questions seeking free advice for very serious situations all they got was advice without getting solutions. It is now more apparent that the need for legal counsel is even larger than previously perceived.

The Research

During my reading, I learned of a serious situation where one of the members (a couple) is in great need of a lawyer’s assistance but the member seems reluctant to seek legal counsel because they are on fixed incomes and collectively brings in less than $1,700 per month. From this single situation, you can gather that there are a lot more people who are in dire need of legal counsel but sit by idle day after day doing nothing about their situation for one or more of the reasons stated above.

The Horror

It is horrifying to learn that hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people are living day to day without legal representation. The need for legal counsel is just as important as having insurance and medical coverage. For your legal peace of mind, you should have quick access to grade-A legal counsel in your back pocket or purse. In North America and Canada, access to legal counsel is highly necessary in our litigious society.

The largest sectors of the North American population locked out from quality legal counsel consists of the low-income earners, the very poor, and the homeless. However, in 1972, an astute businessperson and entrepreneur, Harland Stonecipher, saw the overwhelming need for quality legal access for the masses and not just for those who can afford high quality legal services. The scales of Justice were very unbalanced then.

However, today Harland’s passion for creating the products and services that provides legal access to the masses is now a huge reality. As an added bonus to the products and services, Harland has also made it possible for anyone to build their own business and increase their income by showing others haw to empower their life and the lives of their family and friends. Mr. Stonecipher’s vision and passion has made “Equal Justice” available for all.