10 Ways to Build a Great Product for Your Information Product Business

Ebooks, Videos, Audio Clips. The way information can be packaged and distributed online is now so varied and can come in many forms.

As such, you should continually keep up with the times and learn how to repackage the information you have into informational products that are unique and can deliver quality in the best way possible.

Here are 10 ways in which you can deliver your information and content in a unique manner that will make your followers happy and also build up your credibility and allow you to make more money online as well!

1. Syndicated Column

If you have an article, post your article content on your own website and on others (including articles directories). Also seek out opportunities to write articles for newspapers or for sites as an expert. Allow others to syndicate your site content via RSS feeds.

2. Articles

Take your e-book and shape it into articles. This is as easy as finding 1-2 pages in your e-book that covers a complete idea, editing it lightly (so that it takes on the feel of an article), and then using it as desired.

3. Software

Now that PDFs are easy and cheap to create, they no longer have the vaunted status that they once held. If you want to increase the perceived value of a product now, your best bet is to turn it into a piece of software.

One cheap and easy what to do this is to use HTML and/or FLASH to create an executable file that allows buyers to search through your content.

4. CD/DVD Training

Instead of selling your content in the form of a video or audio program, you can consider breaking it up into parts, posting it on a secure website over the course of months, and charging a fee to access the membership content.

5. Magazine

Use article or newsletter content to create a physical or electronic magazine. Charge companies a fee to post advertisements in your magazine or newsletter.

6. Keynote Speaking

Once you become an established expert in your field, expect to be asked to do speaking events. Take content from your products, summarize it on PowerPoint slides, and present it to the audience.

7. Resell Rights

Allow others to resell your product and earn 100% of the profits. The downside of this is that you’ll lose control of the product, but the upside is that you’ll earn a lot by selling the resell rights.

8. Private Label Rights

Sell your content as a form of private label content, allowing buyers to resell and customize it as their own. This will bring in more money per sale, but will make it so the product is no longer exclusively your own.

9. Licensing

Offer licensing or volume discounts for companies who are interested in purchasing your product for employees.

10. Foreign Rights

Hire a translator to reproduce your product in other languages. Focus on languages that people speak in populous countries with widespread Internet use.